Music Brewing

Musical things are brewing here again, at last. I spent the last four years teaching in secondary school doing my best to appear like the adult in the room… 

Now I’m returning to full time music making. I’ve missed living in a world full of wonderful, musical people; the comradery, the creativity and the connection with the audience at live shows. I’ve also missed being my own boss, answerable to nobody but myself. 

Keep an eye open. By September we’ll be bustling with activity here, with live music and videos, and a new single or two brewing… I can’t wait to unleash my massive plans on the world. 

Be seeing you!


New album, out now!

The new album is out at last! Hear here:…lace/id838815363

Tomorrow I’ll be rehearsing a band and soon we’ll be playing this stuff live. Preparing for summer festivals now, and aiming to finish my PhD before the year is out. Keeping busy!

New album coming soon!!!

The new album is all recorded and mixed and is finally in the middle of mastering. It won’t be long now. In a matter of a few weeks there will be albums for sale, a launch, gigs, guest slots and hopefully a few festival gigs in the summertime. Keep watching this exciting space.

See you very soon, I’ve lots of dark tales to be telling…


timedream #1

My installation piece, timedream #1 is about to get an airing, and Claire Guerin is working on wonderful visuals, I can’t wait to see! Come along to ISSTC next Wednesday (1 August 2012) in Cork School of Music and St. John’s College and chill out with us for a while.

Here are the full details:

In timedream #1, the space is saturated with a huge, throbbing chord of overtones from a single fundamental of 2Hz (a tone far lower than our ears can discern as pitch). The lowest actual sound is the rhythmic beating of the 17th and 19th partials (34Hz and 38Hz). Each individual note in the chord finds its favourite places to hover in the room, and the audience can explore these resonances, making little melodies for themselves as they move around the space… Light takes our resonance perception even higher, in a beautiful synaesthesia with sound and the scent of incense. Complementary colours combine, merge and part, playing with our senses.

Composer, Bren Ó Ruaidh has been working with this type of installation since studying with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela in New York in 2006. He is currently completing a PhD with John Godfrey in UCC.

Video Artist, Claire Guerin has been collaborating with sound artists and musicians alike creating a visual backdrop to mostly live performances. For this collaborative installation she is physically transforming the sound directly into light. To view past works by Claire Guerin visit

Entertainment People…

It happens so often that we meet mean-spirited, ignorant people in this thing they call the Entertainment Industry that it’s a real breath of fresh air when we meet their quintessential opposite. The very idea of industry is completely at odds with the essence of entertainment (‘hospitality industry’ is another such odd expression). Entertainment is what we do, we freely give of ourselves and it affects people in profound ways, and their energy feeds ours in return, which feeds theirs again, back and forth like an ever widening, magical spiral. Then there are sharks who circle around such things, smelling financial potential, and they want to drag the thing down to drown in their narrow world, while green dollars flash in their eyes and their little hearts shrivel away to nothing behind their enticing eyes and their flashing cash.
So lately I encountered a couple of wonderful people in the entertainment scene, genuine people who really care about art, and other people. That’s what really makes the world go round, people helping people. Money would be of no relevance at all if the world were full of people who cared about each other, and appreciated each others various skills, working together to make great things happen!
Last week I met a beautiful lady from the world of film, Belle Avery. She really blew me away as we spoke of music, movies, art, life and people, I could have chatted all day with her, such depth of insight! Go find her films online, there’s some amazing stuff there.
The other great person I encountered lately was Sinead Troy (general manager at IASCA). Honestly, what an amazing person. The music industry would be a far better business if only all the people in it were more like Sinead! Everyone should definitely join IASCA

Here’s the thing…

Before Christmas I’d hoped to have the Love, Death album out by now, and to be touring all over the place. Strange alchemy mangled the plans, and now I must dedicate my time to finally finishing my PhD. I’ve got less than 12 weeks to do it, and they’re really flying by…

After that I should find time to finish the album and do one or two gigs before September sets in and I’ll head off to be educated some more…


Busy Busy…

So many things on the go at the moment:

  • Overhauling my PhD thesis. My mind has altered considerably with the passing of time, so there’s quite a few changes to make. Thankfully I know where I’m going with it. Notating my improvisations and electronic pieces for some serious analysis. Researching some missing details: Hunting through Kepler, Helmholtz, Gann and others to find some backup for some of my more outlandish musical thoughts…
  • Developing an installation called timedream #1, inspired by the Dream House of La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela in New York (and I have recently found a wonderful video artist collaborator). Watch this space.
  • Writing articles on intonation, the nature of music, sound art etc.
  • Finding time to finish my Love, Death album. Looking forward to that release…
  • Repairing guitars.
  • Teaching.
  • Writing a piece for flute and bass clarinet, and one for two wonderful singing harpers from Holland.
  • Wondering where all the time is gone at the end of every day…
  • Falling into bed too late.
  • Falling out of bed too early.
  • 😐

Strange Reason of Fish

There are two flows of music with me at the moment side by side. On the one hand there’s the songs I’ve posted here lately, soon to be released on the album “Love and Death”. On the other hand there are the sounds I have given much of my life to creating. I have given the majority of my adult life to the study of composition and improvisation, and now standing on the precipice of my PhD I wonder what’s next. My world won’t move again until I’ve sent this much music on its merry way, to clear the space for new creation.

So soon will come the release of two albums of my work: “Love and Death”, full of songs, and an album of instrumentals called “Strange Reason of Fish”.

Here’s a little preview:

Live on Julia

I played “Dance on the Moon” on the ship Julia recently with my friend Joanne Collins. You can find that performance on from 27 January 2012. It was a fun gig, I’m looking forward to seeing how it turned out on film. There’s no second takes, and maybe I barked, or grumbled, or let my mind wander quietly away to the cosmos while Joanne awaited responses. I dunno. Maybe. Or maybe it’s amazing. Maybe. Check it out and tell me.

The album is still being recorded. Still a few tracks to finish. Looking forward to getting it out there. Aiming for a February release. Hope to see you at the launch party, somewhere in Cork…

Here’s a little preview for you of “Time and Space’s Dance”, another work in progress: